Capturing one of the most important days of your life

Welcome to Evergreen. We are a boutique photography and videography firm that specializes in creating beautiful memories for brides and grooms who choose to celebrate their special day in breathtaking Spain. We are committed to providing you with stunning high definition photos and videos, and exceptional, personalised service. Aside from excellent quality, we strive to present you with photos and video that capture the candid and unique personalities of both bride and groom, as well as your guests, so that you may always remember the most romantic day of your life just as you lived it.


About us

The Evergreen Photo & Films production company was established in Mijas Costa, Malaga, Spain in 2004. Our close-knit team has over 18 years of experience in creating beautiful memories through photography and film all over the world, and we have received numerous awards for our work. Though we have shot everything from short films to magazine spreads, our specialty is wedding photography and videography, and we are passionate about representing couples in the most beautiful, romantic light possible. We pride ourselves, above all, on our professionalism, with an unwavering focus on seamlessly fulfilling our clients’ wishes. Our goal is to immortalize your love, and all of the intimate details of the day you say, “I do".


The Evergreen Team

We do it differently

We love CINEMA! We can not avoid it. Our job is vocational. We are a trained team with experience in different fields of the cinema´s and TV´s world (Degree in Picture and Communication).

WE ARE INTERESTED IN THE INDIVIDUALS, who are behind a couple, your story together and those around you. We pay special attention to THE DETAILS, that make your celebration authentic.

Our STORIES are not the usual boring and lifeless wedding films, but with a cinema style. Let us surprise you with all we are able to do.

Our headquarters are in Mijas costa, Málaga, but WE MOVE AROUND the country and abroad regulary. Wherever you get married, we will be there.

We also have a cinema studio, where we carry out other photography and video works.

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How we work

WE RECORD with 2 CAMERAS (2 cameramen) so we do not miss anything at all. And it is just that 4 eyes see better than 2.

We USE state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. A CINEMATOGRAPHIC LOOK is achived thanks to the PHOTOGRAPHIC LENSES. Full HD quality.

SOUND is essential for us. It is one of the pillars within the narrative structure of your film. We hide MICROPHONES where the ceremony takes place and even place one on the groom to capture the "Yes, I do" in full clarity.


WE ARE NOT INVASIVE on the day of your wedding. We try to go unnoticed, without using large equipment that can hinder you from enjoying the intimacy you deserve that special day.

WE GIVE YOU you the film in USB memory stick in a BOX. The files will be also available in our server for 30 days to download as often as you wish.

WE ONLY COVER 25 weddings a year and due to the number of requests received, the season is booked up very fast. Contact us as soon as possible. Who knows, your date may still be available.

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Tel. 00 34 - 656 26 50 25