Alhambra (Granada)

Sonia and Alejandro married in their hometown of Granada, one of the most sensual and romantic cities in the world. Nestled between mountains and sea, and replete with overflowing flower beds and tranquil fountains, the jewel of Al-Andalus feels like an otherworldly oasis. The bride and groom split their sweet photo session between the transcendent Alhambra, including the abundant Generalife gardens, the intricate Nazari patios, and the incredible Carlos V palace, and a glamorous vintage automobile. Although the backdrops of each photo were masterpieces on their own, the couple’s love shined through as the protagonist of the day. To end the session, we were blessed with a classic Granaína sunset that seemed to set the red walls of the city ablaze with pink and orange flames, perfectly encapsulating the Spanish passion that makes any Andalusian wedding day extraordinary.


“We loved the way Evergreen captured every moment that mattered during the celebration.”

Check out some of the pictures taken in the celebration.